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I have been a Chaplin enthusiast since 1960 when I first saw "Modern Times" at an art cinema house in my home town of Far Rockaway, N.Y.  I soon received my first 8mm projector as a birthday gift and began collecting Chaplin and other classic films.

I was lucky, growing up in the 50's and 60's in New York.  My dad was an old vaudevillian, a tap dancer, who regaled me with stories of his five years on the stage.  I got a strong background in show business and films from him and my two uncles, who were projectionists at two of the local theatres and who got me in free if I met them before the Saturday matinee.  I got to see a lot of TV shows being taped and eventually got to know Soupy Sales, the hottest thing on New York TV in the mid-sixties.  I also got to meet a number of celebrities, like Sammy Davis, Jr., Steve Allen, Chuck McCann, Zacherley and others.  

I began publishing articles on Chaplin in 1995 in Bonnie McCourt's "Limelight" and in other journals such as "Slapstick!", "The Chaplin Review" and "Classic Images".  Some of the pieces are reprinted or expanded on this site.

I moved to Vancouver, Canada in 1971, and have been an audio engineer, producer and live sound mixer since the late seventies. For more career information see this link -  philposner.

Joelle Rabu, the fabulous singer I've worked with for a quarter century is here - www.joellerabu.com

Comments/suggestions?  Email me  - info@philposner.com

I hope you enjoy this site.

Phil Posner

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