Notes for those visitors who are new to Chaplin

Hello.  This site assumes a basic familiarity with Charles Chaplin, his films and life.  There are many good biographies available which will provide a good basic grounding in his films, career, etc.  Among these are:

Chaplin His Life And Art by David Robinson

My Autobiography by Charles Chaplin

My Life in Pictures by Charles Chaplin.

Charlie Chaplin by Theodore Huff

Charlie Chaplin by John McCabe

There are also some decent biographies on the web, most notably on the official Chaplin Estate website,

Almost all his films are available on video for your enjoyment and fascination.  Your public library or video rental store should have some to borrow or rent, or please use the Amazon links on my home page to purchase dvds and books.

The articles on this site are perhaps a bit rarefied, written by a fan of more than 40 years. I hope you enjoy them..

Phil Posner

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